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Data Science using Python

Data Science using Python

Learn how to use Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, Scikit-Learn, Seaborn , Plotly , Machine Learning, and many more!

What you'll learn

Python 3.x programming in detail

Data Science using Python by Trilochan Tarai
Python pandas Tutorial

  • What is pandas?
  • Series in detail
  • Basic operations on series
  • Data Frame in detail
  • Basic operations on data frame
  • File related operations on data frame
  • Visualization
  • Practice examples

Python numpy Tutorial

  • What is numpy?
  • How to install and import numpy?
  • Numpy Array
  • Numpy array vs. Python list
  • Basics of Numpy
  • Range and arrange functions
  • Numpy string functions
  • Array Manipulations
  • Numpy Arithmetic Operations
  • Slicing Arrays
  • Iterating over arrays
  • Splitting arrays
  • Other functions in numpy
  • Practice Examples

Python matplotlib Tutorial

  • What is matplotlib?
  • Types of plots
  • Plotting graphs and subgraphs
  • Graph parameters:-title,lebel,legend
  • Line graphs-line types, color and transparency
  • Canvas grid and axis range
  • 2D plots-scatter, step, bar, fill_between
  • Radar chart, Histogram
  • 3D surface image
  • Practice Examples

Python seaborn Tutorial

Python scikit-learn Tutorial

Machine Learning Tutorial

  • What is machine learning?
  • Types of machine learning
  • Supervised machine learning tutorial

    • What is regression?
    • Linear Regression Algorithm
    • What is classification?
    • Logistic Regression Algorithm
    • Decision Trees
    • Support Vector Machine
    • Projects

  • Unsupervised machine learning tutorial

    • Clustering in detail
    • K-means Clustering Algorithm
    • Association in detail

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